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TopplePOP is physics puzzle action with bendy animal acrobats on bungee cords, for 1-4 players. Designed for solo and team play, in eSports battles, speedrun leaderboards & spectacular couch co-op parties. Become champions! Or don't, and chill with an endless variety of zen puzzles.

Free demo coming to PC in June 2020.

Cross-platform leaderboards and cool other surprises coming in 2021

Use gamepad, keys or mouse to guide bendy animal acrobats on rubber bands

Swing, rotate, shove, stack and fling blocks. Connect 4 to combo and POP!

Your pals are trapped, transformed into Grumble blocks! Rescue them to gain new abilities

Upsize combos & Topple chain reactions in pvp battles and co-op speedruns

  • revolutionary physics-puzzle action, inspired by Tetris & PuyoPuyo
  • deep design for team-battle eSports & solo / co-op speedrun leaderboards
  • instantly playable for spectacular couch co-op parties
  • gradual tutorials teach pro-techniques - become champions!
  • or don't! and chill with an endless variety of zen puzzles

  • 1 to 4 players in Co-Op Story Mode
  • 2 to 4 players in Vs. Mode (…possibly more!)
  • Multiplayer Tournaments - team up with or against your friends
  • Daily Challenges and Global Leaderboards

  • Conquer increasingly hazardous missions, or chill with endless zen puzzles
  • Play nice in co-op mode - communicate and synchronize your team maneuvers
  • Be a meanie in battle mode - power-ups & chain reactions topple your opponents!

  • Eight zones with distinct tools & hazards, rendered in a unique painterly art style
  • Pick a path - choose your next mission, pick upgrades & gear up for the challenge
  • Git gud - beat crushing traps, sinking icebergs, erupting lava and robot chainsaws!

Welcome to Bungee Blockbusters: a rapid-response brigade of rubber-banded heroes, deployed solo or in teams of two to four, against THE JUMBLE: a chaotic clutter of colorful blocks made of wood, metal, ice, fire, cactus, bubblegum, explosives and more!

Your pals are MIA, trapped inside sour-faced blocks called Grumbles, buried in the Jumble. Race to the rescue! Connect 3 same-color blocks to any Grumble and *POP!* instant freedom!

PRIMARY MISSION: Rescue lost Blockbusters! You have three minutes to swing down, fling blocks, pop Grumbles and free your pals! But beware - hang around too long, or stack too high and it's GAME OVER - you'll be transformed into Grumbles too!

SIDE OBJECTIVE: Explore The Jumble! Rescue VIPs and follow the clues, upgrade your abilities to take on the toughest challenges deep in The Jumble - race to track down who or what is responsible for this mess and save the world, before we all turn Grumpy forever!

As a highly trained team of professional Blockbusters - you’ve got this! Bungees away!