1000 Deaths is a gravity-bending 3D platformer where your choices matter. What you choose defines the game's levels, mechanics, and story. Dash through platforming hubs and decide your character's fate while exploring surreal worlds. Speedrun, or don't!

Puzzle and Action Platforming

Explore platforming hubs as a cute retro TV. Run, jump, and dash across walls, floors, and ceilings because gravity reorients itself as you play. Encounter a variety of cerebral puzzles and action-packed challenges. The only constant is the constantly changing gravity!

Choose Your Own Adventure

Play as one of four whimsical characters and help them make life-altering decisions. Build friendships, become a rockstar, rule as a corporate bigwig, or mess up your love life! Your choices also define the mechanics of the platforming levels you run into

Discover Surreal Spaces and Characters

Interact with a world populated by talking egg yolks, sentient squiggles, and mysterious beings in purple suits. Explore sleepy Nowherestown and glitzy Jollywood, meander through the psychedelic Headspaces to find hidden collectibles and bonus levels.

Master Speedrunning

And the best part—you can speedrun through each level of 1000 Deaths and earn trophies! Run at your own pace or play time attacks against your ghost.







AccoladeEvent Name
Official SelectionMAGFest Indie Arcade
Official SelectionGame Devs of Color Expo
Official SelectionIndieCade GameSlam