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⚠Some parts of this game may be considered extreme bullet hell. ⚠

"Bullet Hell", "Enemies Hell", "Beginner Killer", "High speed bullets" ...
The super-powered player character is not afraid of such all kinds Extreme attacks.
Prevent with "Shield", protect with "Antibody Area", and kill enemies with 10 "Methods".

This is a 2D Sci-Fi Action Shoot 'em up that can use command deadly techniques like fighting games.In this title, you can destroy enemies by using 10 distinctive special moves, "Methods", in addition to normal shooting attacks.

All appearing enemies are very strong.
Apparently, it seems to be extremely difficult compared to general shmups.
However, you can easily overrun them by mastering the "Methods" of the player character.

Introduction of Methods

Annihilator Chaser
Eliminate the enemy in front of player character with many homing beam.
They have wide attack ranges, but the power is light.

Dread Scissors
A close range attack that uses a blade to cut in front of the player character.
they have a narrow range, but have high-power and cost performance.

The player character turns into a giant robot.
It will be able to destroy enemies with overwhelming power.
The number of uses is limited.


In the past, the world was in an unprecedented crisis due to total war.
The existence called "Orchid" which appeared suddenly, destroyed the nation and government and total war was prevented.
And under the control of "Orchid", people lived happily.

-Malicious Wake-
"Malicious Wake", an infectious and powerful enemy, was released from the ruins of the old generation in an accident.
While everyone is confused by a sudden global crisis, "Orchid" plans an operation to stop Malicious Wake.
However, one of the "Orchid", "Ageha" notices something...


Player character. One of "Orchid".
A versatile all-rounder with shooting, hand-to-hand and obstructive combat.
But she prefers a short decisive battle strategy and medium-range to close-range.
The story begins where she rose in rebellion against "Orchid".

The boss of stage 1. One of "Orchid".
A high power artillery type.
She asked Ageha the meaning of rebellion, but...