The schedule for the BitSummit Let’s Go stage is now available. The updated website details the content showcased on the BitSummit stage, including gameplay reveals, live music, panels, and famous influencer appearances. In addition, the winners of the BitSummit awards will be announced on stage and through social media accounts during the event.

BitSummit Let’sGo Stage Schedule

★BitSummit Let’sGo Distribution Stage Content Grand Reveal! Part 1!

Don’t miss out on the live streaming of the program content held on stage at BitSummit Let’sGo. During the event, you can catch it on YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, and BitSummit, Japan’s largest independent game exhibition.

★Announcing the dynamic duo co-hosting the BitSummit Main Stage!

This year’s BitSummit program will be hosted by Ai Yokomachi, an announcer and MC for numerous game-related programs known as “Aichii,” and J-mon, a popular bilingual video game influencer in Japan. They will serve as the event’s MCs, bringing their expertise and experience to the show.

Ai Yokomachi
Twitter: Yokomachi Ai🎮aichy (@aichy0408) / Twitter
YouTube: Ai Tube – YouTube

Twitch:jmondmon – Twitch

★Announcing the official overseas livestream hosts!★

This year, BitSummit is excited to announce that they will host a live webcast for the traditional Chinese-speaking world for the first time! Fans can look forward to seeing “Arson Louis,” a popular game player from Taiwan with over 1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, on-site. “HighGai,” a well-known face at BitSummit in the English-speaking world, will also be participating. The event will feature live coverage of some of the games showcased by BitSummit’s official international distribution platforms!

Greater China Region:


Arson Louis


★BitSummit x CAMPFIRE Support Project! First release!
Get ready to travel back in time with SUNSOFT Revival! Three classic titles from the ’80s – “Madura’s Wings,” “Ripple Island,” and “The Five Famous Stages of the Tokaido” – may soon be able to play on Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam) with your support! The “SUNSOFT Revival Project” crowdfunding campaign at BitSummit Let’s Go! aims to bring these early ’80s games to modern platforms in honor of the 40th anniversary of the NES. Join us in celebrating the Showa period with these retro games and support the project to enjoy them on Switch and PC (Steam)!

Crowdfunding Details
Project name: SUNSOFT Revival Project! We want to revive three 80’s titles!
Open to the public: July 14, 2023 (Fri.) – August 31, 2023 (Thu.) (scheduled)

Limited availability on CAMPFIRE! Click here for more information!

Limited release on CAMPFIRE!For more information, click here!

SUNSOFT Revival Project! I want to revive 3 80’s titles!