BitSummit is proud to announce its partnership with TikTok during the upcoming BitSummit THE 8th BIT, held online and at Kyoto’s Miyako Messe on September 2nd and 3rd. Famous Japanese TikTok star “Wai Wai” will participate in a unique Indie Game Endurance Challenge, live from the TikTok booth at BitSummit. 

For the Challenge, Wai Wai will compete to see how many indie games he can introduce within a 14-hour time limit, from 10:00 to 17:00 on September 2nd and 10:00 to 17:00 on September 3rd during BitSummit. Dice will randomly select the order of the titles, and Wai Wai won’t proceed to the next game until the fans watching say it’s “okay”, meaning they will control his fate!



There will be a series of checkpoints based on how many games Wai Wai has played during the Challenge. If he fails to reach them, he’ll have to face a “punishment”, such as losing some of his cigarettes. However, depending on the number of checkpoints cleared, BitSummit and TikTok will give Nintendo Switch Lites prizes to the fans, with eight going out if he can introduce 20 games.

Checkpoint Rules
September 2, 14:00 – 5 games played.
September 2, 17:00 – 10 games played.
September 3, 13:00 – 13 games played.
September 3, 16:00 – 16 games played.

Nintendo Switch Lite Giveaways!
1 to 5 games played: No giveaway!
6 to 9 games played: Nintendo Switch Lite x 1
10 to 14 games played: Nintendo Switch Lite x 2
15 to 19 games played: Nintendo Switch Lite x 4 units
20 games played: Nintendo Switch Lite x 8 units




  • Follow the official Twitter @BitSummitJP or @BitSummit 
  • Tweet your support with the hashtags #BitSummit #YatareWaiWai
  • Participation period: September 2, 10:00 JST – September 3, 17:00 JST
  • We will select winners from those who tweet with the hashtags.

BitSummit will contact the winners via the official BitSummit account will contact winners via Direct Message on Twitter by September 10, 2021. Prizes will ship by the end of October.

If you’d like to give Wai Wai some love in this endeavour, we’re also setting up a colossal canvas board to post your messages of support! Send your messages, pictures, or illustrations to the official BitSummit Twitter accounts, and we’ll post them to the wall during the show!


What to submit:

  • Your name (or a nickname)
  • Message (within 30 characters)
  • Illustration (PNG or JPEG data within 10MB)
  • Size should be within 1000 pixels (width x height)

Entry deadline: From August 4th to August 10th JST

Please note:

  • The contents of the contest are subject to change without notice.
  • If you do not follow the BitSummit account before announcing the winners, you will not be eligible.
  • Tweets with only one of the hashtags #BitSummit #YatareWaiWai will not be eligible.
  • The name and message on the canvas will be changed to the font size and style specified by the BitSummit Management Office.