"UNRESTRICTED" is a super-hero action game set on a massive planet. It aims to deliver an immersive experience where players can freely soar through the world and become the best superhero. Developed with the goal of surpassing its predecessor, "UNDEFEATED", it shares the same world.

The Best Hero Experience To You

Driven by the desire to deliver the "hero experience" to superhero enthusiasts worldwide, we have embarked on the production of our new game, "UNRESTRICTED".


"UNDEFEATED" was an open-world superhero game that we offered as a free download on Steam in August 2019. Centered around the theme of 'undefeated', the game features an invincible hero flying around the city and defeating enemies with the touch of a button.

The previous work, developed by three students at the time, was well received by many hero fans and game enthusiasts, and was downloaded more than 1.7 million times, spreading through YouTube, Twitter, etc. and receiving high praise, especially from people overseas.

Game Play

"UNRESTRICTED" is a SFRPG with the theme of 'unlimited' in which the protagonist, who was awakened to his 'superpowers' through contact with a meteorite, fights against planetary creatures.

Gain Superpowers from planetary creatures!

By defeating planetary creatures, it is possible to "take in the genes" of the enemy. Using the genetic information, you can acquire super powers and grow "unlimited". Defeat enemies, gain super powers and increase your status to customise your own hero.

Every action starts with flying

You can experience various biomes such as grasslands, forests, oceans, snow and volcanoes from 'land', 'air' and 'underwater'.

When flying in the sky, you may find people in need.
Help people by healing them, opening the way for them, giving them materials, etc.

World view

Far away 'another planet' where civilisation is more developed than on Earth.
A sudden 'explosion incident' 500 years ago had a major impact on the entire planet and civilisation collapsed.

After the explosion, violent mutants emerged and still plague the survivors.


I want to be helpful to someone.

But he doesn't have the power to do so. One day, a dull college student who leads a boring life is caught in a meteorite strike.
He is sent to another planet and awakens to his "superpowers". He demonstrates his power in the face of people being attacked by a monster that is out of this world.

He stands up for the world.