The story takes place in the year 19XX in the rural town of Arostia.
Sean, a young boy, forms an adventure troupe, the Noogies, with his like-minded friends Hoodie, Bruce, and Doc, and dreams of one day having a real adventure.
and dreamed of having a real adventure one day.
One day, Sean returns home to find a debt collector waiting for him.
He is told to pay back the debt Sean's father made by 20:00.
He is also told that they have locked up Sean's friends in the basement.
Instead of being discouraged, Sean was thrilled.
He would rescue his friends and get the treasure.
This is the beginning of a great adventure!

Will Sean be able to rescue his friends and pay off his debt by 20:00?

-There are various ways to get money!

Get money that is hidden in various places.
Clear high difficulty stages.
Clear NPC's events. 
Win the lottery.
Win mini-games.
Defeat enemies and bosses.
Do evil deeds.

-Save unique characters!

Once you save the three captive members of Noogies, you can switch between them and control them.
Each character has his or her own personality, which affects events, actions, movement range, etc.

-Experience a variety of events!
Events offer a variety of choices, and the choices you make will affect rewards, endings, and more!