"PUNIHI LOADER 2" is customizable mecha shooter in which the one-headed mysterious cute creature "Punihi" rides and fights in unique mecha.

In "Neo Asahikawa," where the story takes place, a competition in which the Punihis ride and fight on mecha is very popular.

Players take on the role of a "Punihi" and gather friends, earn funds, and purchase mecha parts to reach the top of the "Neo Asahikawa League".

Features of "PUNIHI LOADER 2"

  • Customize your mecha as you like. Consisting of five parts (torso/left arm/right arm/legs/rear equipment). More than 100 parts are available. Create your own strongest mecha.
  • Also you can enjoy various fashions of Punihi.
  • "1on1/3on3 Mode" to aim for the top of the "Neo Asahikawa League". "Survival Mode" for casual competition. "Part-time job Mode" to earn funds.
  • Various Punihies appearing in each mode can be made into friends and hired as co-workers in "3on3 Mode" and "Part-time job Mode".

Additional elements from the previous game

  • In addition to the 16 mechas from the previous series, more than 10 new mechas will be added.
  • Rear equipment" has been added to give mechs various auxiliary functions such as jump/recovery/aim assist.
  • "3on3 Mode" will be added, in which players will be able to form teams of three mecha to fight. Players can direct their teammates to battle in various styles.


We will continue development of "PUNIHI LOADER 2" so that a release version will be available in the 2023.

We hope you will add it to your wish list and wait for it.