Omega Crafter is an open-world survival craft game set in an under-development game world that is being attacked by a mysterious program. Adventure, build a city, challenge mighty bosses with Grammi - your programmable sidekick - and friends in order to complete development of the game by the release date!



There are multiple biomes in Omega Crafter where you can encounter different landscapes, monsters, materials, and hidden secrets. Adventure and explore the vast open world with Grammi and friends!

Fight and defeat various enemies!

Apparently, various monsters and bosses are causing confusion and hinderinig the game’s development. Collect materials to craft powerful weapons and defeat mighty bosses! It looks like the Grammi will help too!

Build your city!

There are various resources in this world, from stone and wood to mysterious materials that have never been seen before. Create your ideal base by automating the building process with your Grammi!

Program your Grammi!

Grammy's actions can be easily programmed... from mining, logging and moving materials. You might even be able to program them to dance! What do you want the Grammi to do?

Play online with friends!

You can explore alone or invite your friends to adventure and fight together. Enjoy the endless possibilities of a vast procedurally generated world!