Genre: Road movie-like 2D platformer

Story: A story about a boy and a girl who grew up in a small village in the depths of the earth and set out on an adventurous journey to a new land

Game features: The game is very much a 2D action game.

There is a recoil system, which means that when the main character attacks an enemy, the main character is blown away by the repulsive force. The enemy who attacked the hero also blows up. The key to the fun is the many gimmicks that take advantage of this system. In terms of action, the game has a number of never-before-seen actions, such as the ability to dash in the air in eight different directions and the use of a barrier function. In previous 2D action games, there were many gaps where the brain had free time (for example, it was fine not to think about anything in the one second between staying in the air and landing), but Momiboss does not give the player's brain any free time once it starts moving and asks for input in a fast-paced but unforced way.

It is a challenging, hard-hitting and very new 2D action experience.

The storyline has been brushed up with the theme of being simple and easy for players to get emotionally involved in. I want to include a lot of descriptions that will make players feel attached to the characters.