Felicity's Door is a rhythm game that takes you on a journey through Tom and Felicity's magical world of dreams. Come and join the twins and their lovable bear Michan as they adventure through the depths of space, tops of seaside cliffs, and through sprawling cyberpunk cities to discover what Tom and Felicity will dream about tonight.

Upon release, Felicity's Door will feature 40+ all original songs composed by amazing artists - with more coming soon!!

Discover memorable tracks by world-famous composers, including:

  •  kotringo
  •  Shinji Hosoe
  •  ... and more!!!

Enjoy the beats and melodies no matter what your skill level, from total beginner to a master of rhythm games. Each song is playable in four difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert.

Follow Felicity and Tom on their journey, with fully animated cutscenes in the game's Story Mode, or enjoy side-stories and more gameplay through the manga-esque Music Mode.

Play through each stage and help the twins decorate their bedroom with souvenirs from their journeys, and... what's this!? Has there always been an attic here...?