Is the moon still up in the sky when you aren't looking at it?
Maybe this world only exists when you're there to look at it.
What looks like a simple 2D world is actually a complex, deep place with more dimensions than you can see at a glance.
You could go up, climb down, maybe even turn around...
The only truth is what you can see. So change the world into the shape you want it to be and adventure through its mysterious lands.

About Cassette Boy:
Cassette Boy looks like a 2D game, but its world is actually 3D.
In order to solve its puzzles, you will have to turn and twist the map around, changing the perspective.
Things that you can't see from your perspective, for example because they're hidden behind a wall, stop existing—this is called the "Schrödinger system."
Hide obstacles out of sight and out of mind or reveal secret passages to advance through the game.
Of course, solving puzzles won't be enough. You'll have to pick up weapons and face monsters and bosses as well.
Enemies, puzzles, and more await you in this mysterious world!


'-The Schrödinger System-
The state of matter is only defined once you observe it.
In Cassette Boy's world, what you can't observe doesn't exist. In other words, the only thing that matters is what you can see on the screen.
Yes, even the people you just talked to. They don't exist unless you're observing them.
Flip the world around and bring things in and out of existence.