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BLUE WEDNESDAY is a narrative adventure game about jazz and love, and about failure. Explore Evans City, chat with various people, and enjoy unique mini-games that connect naturally.


Mini games
Mini games help engross players by popping according to the main character's various actions.

A cast of characters, each with their own special story
With more than 10 supporting NPCs, we can hear more than 10 different stories.

Activities & Explore

Collect sheet music
Choose wisely! They player's choices will shape the narrative and determine the albums they can collect. Tango and bossa nova, cool jazz to modern jazz. You can play them during the rhythm games during game play.

Rare music albums
Players can collect rare music albums through various interactions throughout Evans City such as helping another player solve a problem or looking through piles of old LPs in the back of a music shop.










AccoladeEvent Name
Best innovationMWU Korea Awards 2022
Best Audio FinalistTAIPEI GAME SHOW 2023
Studio Fan ChoiceGDWC 2023
Indie game & Best Audio Silver WinnerNYXGame 2023