Join Bek on his journey to save the entire canine species from an extinction caused by the sinister Dooper Virus. Inject yourself into a zany hand-drawn world of germs, cells, and winding passages full of vibrant characters and ferocious bosses with a story that takes place inside our beloved pets.


Give your dog a fighting chance by aiding its immune system to fight off the Dooper Virus. Befriend cells on your journey, absorb new powers from vanquished foes and explore vital organs to prevent them from failing! Will you be the vaccine to save dog-kind from extinction or will DocX have to return to the drawing board?

Game Features

  • Fast-paced side-scrolling 360 shooter action with all the modern gameplay mechanics you’ve come to expect and more.
  • Blast your enemies with an impressive array of weapons. Augment your DNA and modify your playstyle using Nano-Chips. Take on bosses inspired by real diseases in uniquely designed encounters.
  • Complete side missions to aid Cells in need. Explore each organ to earn rewards and learn about the life forms that live there.
  • Traverse a hand-drawn microscopic world full of traditionally animated cells, germs, viruses and bacteria. Meet the wondrous creatures, both friendly and hostile, that inhabit it. Discover the many secrets cleverly hidden in your dog's body.
  • You will be accompanied on your mission by a blood-pumping score by Juhani Junkala
  • Save humanity's best friend. Prove that you’re the vaccine that can put an end to the pet-demic. What are you waiting for? Put on your hazard suit and blast some viral scum! The fate of dog-kind is in your hands!