1.  Connecting skills by combining gems "puzzle-like battle"!

The player attacks the enemy by combining red, blue, and green gems, which are randomly distributed each turn, like a puzzle, to complete a skill recipe (the color and sequence of gems required to use a skill). The deck can contain four skills, which can be used as many times as necessary until all the Gems distributed are used up. The game offers an exhilarating battle experience in which you can see which combination will produce the most skills and which will result in a combo.

2. Highly flexible deck construction by "Recipe Arrangement"!

By stopping by the skill floor in the middle of a dungeon, players can change the color of the gems in their skill recipes. This "recipe arrangement" system allows players to enjoy a high degree of freedom in deck building, in which "players think and create their own synergy between skills. Combined with the randomness of Rogue Lite and the excitement of exploring a new deck each time you play, ANTHEM#9 offers a new deck-building Rogue Lite playing experience.

3. A suspense story about "the secret society ANTHEM#9!"

"ANTHEM#9" is a worldwide secret society whose ideal is "the stable survival of the world through balance and harmony. It has always saved the world from unprecedented crises on the other side of history by "purging" the central figures of bloated power and over-technology as dangerous factors that could upset the world's balance. This film focuses on three of ANTHEM#9's agents scattered around the world, operating in different regions. What threats did each of them face and what stories did they have to tell? It offers a suspense story with a quirk or two that is not simply good and evil.

※Under development with support from April 2023 by Shueisha Games Co.






AccoladeEvent Name
Grand AwardShueisha game-creators camp GAME BBQ Vol.2 【No Demo】Division