In Akurra, you play as a mysterious castaway with no memories. You must explore and work your way through ancient, puzzle filled islands in order to unravel a story told visually. During your journey you will meet new friends with extraordinary powers to aid you, as well as unlock new powers of your own.


The controls are simple, using only directional movement input. There are no fast paced reactions required, so anyone regardless of physical ability can play. The puzzles are laid out in an interconnected open world, so you have freedom to explore. , you can easily move on to another area and return later with a fresh perspective. Akurra offers a wide range of difficulty: It is possible to reach the end of the game without completing the most challenging puzzles, so you can enjoy the game casually. However, there are special endings if you are a puzzle master attempting the daunting task of 100% completion.


Akurra is a relaxing and atmospheric go at your own pace experience. Brimming with surprises and secrets, you will relive the nostalgia of retro favorites while experiencing a totally new take on a classic puzzle genre! A world of puzzles awaits!






AccoladeEvent Name
IGN Japan Media Highlight AwardBit Summit 2021