Trapped in a house inhabited by a crazed family, with a hand stitched on its tail. Solve puzzles, craft items & tools, survive deadly encounters, use force or outwit bosses, hide & use stealth. Survive long enough to escape the Manor and decide how it ends.

Cat’s Manor is a puzzle based adventure set in a large manor. Waking up without any memory, and seeing a hand attached to the end of his tail, our unlikely victim must piece together what has happened, and what looming dangers are closing in. You soon realize you’re locked up in a house with an eccentric family whose demeanor doesn’t bode well. Help our little protagonist make sense of the manor's many strange rooms and use of it's strange contents.

Help the cat escape the Cat’s manor. Featuring unique visuals, movie quality soundtrack, fully voiced cast to create an immersive and eerie experience.

Arm and utilize your tail to unlock special abilities. A cunning cat is made more deadly when it can wield tools and weapons.
From using tools and weapons, to manipulating buttons and levers, to playing the piano. This Cat has options.






AccoladeEvent Name
1st PrizePGC23 London The Very Big Indie Pitch
Rising Indie SelectionPAX East 17
1st PrizePGC18 Jordan The Very Big Indie Pitch
IndieMaster’s Best of the Indies SceneGamesMaster Magazine
Best Narrative GameDubai World Game Expo 2015