Features of this game

・Three or more speech bubbles appear on the screen at once, each with a simultaneous conversation.
・The player must make sense of the simultaneous conversations and select the correct answer for each one.
・The screen is filled with more and more speech bubbles! Select as many correct answers as possible within the time limit!
・The ending of the game depends on the player's performance during the 6 days of work.

The player assumes the role of Vanitas, the main character, and takes a job at a call center in the underworld to guide ghosts from the lower world to the underworld.
The ghosts are lost or about to be expelled, and they are in various difficult situations, and they are all asking for help at the same time, regardless of your situation.
It is necessary to instantly understand what they are saying and connect them to the correct number.
Overcome the prejudice against telecommunication technology, the lack of human resources, and the confusion of new life with the evolution of technology, and become a top-notch call master!