Experience a challenging 2D bullet-hell sci-fi action-shooter game with mouse control.
Use a variety of "METHOD" (special moves) to destroy the enemy.

In this game, a variety of actions can be performed with a single button input, including long-range attacks, melee attacks, defense, and counters.
Free movement by mouse control of the player character, similar to an FPS, and multi-button intuitive attack selection are possible.
The elements of "movement by cross keys and levers," "speed limit," and "selection of attack methods by acquiring items," like in old-school shmups, do not exist in this game at all.
This allows you to play more freely and speedily.

"METHOD System"
【METHOD1: Multi-Shot】

A continuous-fire type technique that can attack a wide area simply by moving the mouse.
The player character pauses and follows the mouse movements to fire.
The attack power is low, but the energy consumption is very small.

【METHOD2: Blade】

A high-powered slashing technique that is useful in close combat.
It also has the effect of flashing around the player character and knocking back the enemy.
It consumes little energy but does a lot of damage, and can be combined with other methods to deal with melee combat.

【METHOD3: Burst-Lance】

A powerful long-range firearm.
It can inflict high damage, but consumes a lot of energy.
It can be fired 360 degrees in any direction.
When it is launched against a beam attack, a counter attack occurs.
Find the right timing to cancel the enemy's attack and gain the upper hand at once.

"Energy Gauge"
In this game, a resource called the "energy gauge" determines tactics.
The "energy gauge" is necessary to use various "methods," and methods cannot be used without the gauge.
The gauge is recovered by grazing the enemy's attack.
The closer you get to the enemy, the more efficiently you can recover the gauge, and the more methods you can use.
However, getting close to the enemy increases the risk of being hit.

Do you approach the enemy aggressively and launch an attack? It is up to the player to choose whether to aggressively approach the enemy and attack, or to safely tacticalize from afar.
Plan your strategy and win the game!

"Player Builds"

You may stumble in the face of a formidable foe.
In such cases, stop and upgrade your character and try again.
By purchasing and upgrading equipment from the arms merchant "Celae", you will be able to take on the new challenges with ease,
The strategy will become a lot easier.

In the past, the world was on the brink of an unprecedented crisis due to an all-out war.
However, the crisis of the world's destruction was prevented by the sudden appearance of an entity called [Eternity].
In a world where air and soil pollution has worsened, [Eternity] develops and builds a huge isolation platform called the [Arkarium] in order to escape from the critical situation in which it lives.
Under the control of [Eternity], human beings are living happily in the [Arkarium].

Amidst the daily repetition of routine, Ai's mind was filled with emptiness and boredom.
That day, she was supposed to be just going about her daily routine.


The bustle of noise coming from far away. Something seems to be happening near the ruins.
The mobile soldiers of the [Eternity] can be seen in the distance.

"It's disturbing......."

However, I am tired of my daily routine and ...... suddenly realized that I had turned my feet toward the ruins.

I know that I should not approach them, but I cannot stop walking.
Suddenly, the wind blew past me. It continues, and with a thud, my left chest heats up.
I look down and see that something seems to be protruding from my body.
At that moment, I collapse, unable to bear the intense pain.
In my fading consciousness, I hear words that lack the color of a heartfelt apology.

"Oh, I made a mistake. I'm sorry."
"But just as well. But just as well, because I need your help."

I regain consciousness in great pain.
It seems that he is still alive ......, but then an angry attack hits her from all around.
I don't know what's going on anymore.
I don't know what it is, but it seems that the [Eternity] has turned on me.

Thus, my happy and boring life came to an end.

Ai (Player character)

She was a self-proclaimed well-behaved man who lived in [Arkarium].
she thought she had led a serious life, cutting corners in moderation, but in a strange turn of events, she died an untimely death.
she was 17 years old.
With the help of Maya, she is given a temporary life, but is next hunted by the [Eternity].


Arms dealer.
She has been selling relics brought back from outside the by [Arkarium], through black market channels.
Her actions are, of course, illegal.
She supports Ai, who is being chased by [Eternity], as a good source of money, or rather, as a business partner.
[Prism] and [Sing] that can be purchased from her will be a powerful help in the attack.


A mysterious being who killed Ai (by mistake?) after being chased by [Eternity].
She seems to have lost his body and is unable to perform to his original specs.
She is helping Ai to regain her body, while compensating for the functions of Ai's body that they have lost.
She is a cerebral thinker and thinks about everything after she hits.