Schedule – 2019


September 2ndst

BitSummit Official Opening Ceremony

Join us for a quick introduction of some of the key people that help put the spirit into BitSummit 7 Spirits!

Kris Piotrowski: The Weight of A World

This talk discusses BELOW’s world design sensibilities, exploring the key concepts considered and learned throughout the creation of BELOW’s gloomy subterranean environments.

Platinum Games: Training the Next Generation of Disruptive Creators

Making original disruptive games requires disrupting your creators as well. Atsushi Inaba and Takahisa Taura talk about how creative development starts from within

Pixel Art Game Panel: For the Love of Pixel-art

The indie game world wouldn’t be where it is today without some amazing pixels. We talk with teams who have worked on games known for some beautiful pixel art!

INTI CREATES’ Next Big Thing

INTI CREATES joins us at BitSummit for an exclusive world-premiere of their latest and greatest title!

Saturday Keynote: The Publishing Path Less Traveled

Flexiblity in Publishing – Two industry Giants, Shuhei Yoshida and Keita Takahashi talk about how WATTAM initially started as an SIE title before moving on to a different direction.

Google Play Indie Game Festival 2019 Introduction!

Youtube Gaming’s Iku Igarashi talks about the Indie Games Festival 2019, a look-back on last year, and this year’s contest.

It’s an Indie, Indie World After All!

A roundtable discussions with many creators from around the world featured in the BitSummit World Pavilion.

Enter the Gungeon Super Star Panel with LayerQ

One of BitSummit’s coolest parts is the ability to have a casual talk with some of the most talented indie creators around the world. Join the Enter the Gungeon team for an open discussion about indie development!

The Messenger’s Dynamic Duo Cross-talk Panel

A candid Q&A session with the dynamic duo responsible for one of the biggest indie hits of 2018, the Messenger!

BitSummit Live Concert: Bravewave Presents

Keiji Yamagishi & Kaori Nakabai Present Ninja Gaiden (NES) Live


September 3rdnd

Day 2 Opening Ceremony

We welcome folks to the last day of BitSummit and recap some of the great sessions from Day 1!

The NES’s Everlasting Impact and Legacy: Kazutoshi Iida / James Newman / Iain Simons

The NES (Famicon) and it’s continued legacy on games, the English market, and indie developers. Featuring two of famous game historians James Newman and Iain Simons.

IGA: A Bloody, Bloodstained Development

IGA talks over the final weeks to the games release and live plays the game!

The Creative Collaborations in LA-MULANA 2

With the release of La Mulana 2 just weeks away, Takumi Naramura talks about some of the creative collaborations with other developers they have included in the game.

Adventure Games from Around the World

The adventure game continues to be a genre that inspires many different creators. We’ll focus on 3 different indie teams from around the world that are focused on this popular genre.

Sunday Keynote: We are TooKyo Games!!!

We’ll give an update on where we are at our second year as an indie dev. It’s both scary and awesome to have complete freedom as a developer and we’ll give you the inside scoop!

The DWI and its big plans!

The dawn of DWI! What we do, who we’ve worked with, and a bright indie future!

What Indie Publishers Want!

A round table discussion with four different indie publishers about what they look for in indie content.

BitSummit Live Concert: Nice Legs

BitSummit Live Concert: Doseone

7th Annual BitSummit Award Ceremony

The awards and closing ceremony of BitSummit 7 Spirits! Please join us in celebrating these amazing creators at the main stage!