Orbital Speed Studio
Mac, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

New perspective of mech combat turn based game from Thai indie game studio! DUAL GEAR is a mech turn based strategy game combination with action gameplay inspired from classical Japanese mecha TBS games. Player can command the units with a third person action perspective and ordering the team with turn based system. Fully with a features of turn based style, pilot level system, mech customization, part structure, and manage your mech squad to finish the mission and find the secret parts,weapons in the story campaign.
The game is powered by Unreal Engine 4 and still in development. Estimated release the game in 2018.

提供プラットフォーム : PC、Mac、Xbox One、Playstation 4
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Orbital Speed Studio

We are indie game studio with the small size team from Bangkok. The studio was founded by Thai veteran developer, Pongpat Pongsakorntorn. He has a lot of experience with Thai and Japanese game development. Also, he was expert in the robot mechanic design and great doing for Sci-fi concept art. All of the above become to Dual Gear! The first original game from the studio that made from the love with Japanese Mecha and Classical Japanese mech game series!

Bangkok, Thailand