Skeleton Crew Studio

BackSlash is a spell casting brawler that features brutal combat, arena destruction, and fighting styles mixing in 1v1 fast paced duels.

Each fighter combines the techniques of two clans that have unique spells and abilities. They will find and master their own fighting styles.
As a duel goes on, the fighters channel more spells, fighting faster and faster until one falls.

Still in development, the game currently has
- 10 unique and specialized clan styles, ready to be combined and mastered, from the ruthless Blade Whistle to the swift Rope Weaving.
-Four entirely destructible stages: the battlefield changes as your power smashes them to dust.
-A solo survival mode where every strike counts. How many duels can you survive before falling?
-A local versus mode to challenge your friends.
-Windows and Mac support

BackSlash is being developed and produced by a one man team at Skeleton Crew Studio in Kyoto, Japan. It is a small company with experienced and passionate people working on games and various virtual experiences.
BackSlash generates epic, brutal, and diversified duels through mixing a large choice of styles.


Skeleton Crew Studio

Skeleton Crew Studio is Established in August 2016. Mainly games developers, it also creates content for TV show, scientific research (Paleontological Research) and Shopping mall.

Kyoto, Japan.