Lobotomy Corp

Project Moon

'Lobotomy Corporation' is Monster Management Horror Simulation that features Rogue-Lite.

Inspired by 'SCP Foundation' and 'Cabin In The Woods', we have created a game about an unusual corporation filled with grotesque monsters and its employees living in fear day by day.

In 'Lobotomy Corporation',Players must manage monsters, keep employees safe, and learn effective strategies against the monsters in this mysterious corporation.

Game Platform : PC
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Project Moon

Project Moon is made up of 7 members and has been developing 'Lobotomy Corporation' since January 2015. The members of the club who wanted to make a game during college have united to form Project Moon. Our goal is to continue creating creative activities while creating games that only we can create.

Project Moon's developers are game and animated enthusiasts, aka otaku. We are specialized in making things that otaku like and gamers like.

In September 2015, Lobotomy Corporation succeeded in funding $ 13,000 from Korea's crowdfunding site, Tumblebuck.
In February 2016, 'Lobotomy Corporation' succeeded GreenLit at Steam.
In November 2016, the corporation of Project Moon was established.
In December 2016, "Lobotomy Corporation" was released as Early Access on Steam.

Suwon, South Korea
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