Gon Lee
Android, iOS, Mac, PC

I.F.O is an old school LCD-style shoot'em up game.
You have to shoot UFOs using a classic aircraft and save the animals kidnapped by the aliens.
If you kidnap an alien, your classic airplane gets power up by the mysterious alien power.
Let's save the Earth from the aliens! You are the last hero of the world.

👽 Features 👽

🐮 Super retro!
🐮 Alien!
🐮 Cow & Sheep!
🐮 Handheld lcd game!
🐮 Do you love the time pilot?
🐮 8 UFOs!
🐮 8 weapons!

Press the "Play button" to start the game.

You can rotate aircraft by left & right buttons. And you can dash by push both buttons together(Drill is only can attack while dash)

Game Platform : iOS
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Game Platform : PC、Mac
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Gon Lee

Hi. I'm Gon.

My indie dev team's name is "Total Battery".
It started 3 years ago, team member is me just alone.
I released 4 games on "Appstore", "Google Play" and etc.
My games are normally old school style like "Game&Watch".
My office is home, and I'm doing several subwork for money.
It is an honor to be able to participate in the BitSummit as an I.F.O.


Seoul, The Korea