Tasukete Tako-San: Save me Mr Tako!

Christophe Galati
Linux, Mac, PC, Wii U

Tasukete Tako-San is a tribute to the Nintendo Game Boy which start for Game Boy 25th anniversary. The game is a 2D Platformer RPG where you play as an Octopus that can spit ink to turn enemies into platforms, and find more than 50 powers to help you in your quest.

In a time of war between Octopuses and Humans, play as Mr Tako, a small Octopus who don't want to fight.
During a stormy night, he saved a woman who fell into the sea. A fairy, who saw the scene, give him the power to breathe out of the sea, but in exchange, he has to promise to never hate a human being.


Christophe Galati

22 years old french indie game developer. Christophe Galati started to work on Tasukete Tako-San 3 years ago for Game Boy 25th Anniversary. The game was developed mostly in his free time, with the help of the composer Marc-Antoine Archier, while he worked on the game industry. In 2017, he left his job to start working full time on the game as a company.

Valence, France