Humble Grove
Linux, Mac, PC

29 is a magical realist point and click adventure game that follows the personal experiences of Bo and Ao: two graduates preparing to move out of their flat. Wander through an intimate flat, examining the everyday belongings of the Bo and Ao. Delve into their thoughts and insights, and mould your interpretation of the characters, through branching multiple-choice dialogue. 29 acts as the first chapter to the series "No Longer Home."

"29 is a reflection on those precarious few months surrounding the end of university, channeled through a point and click aesthetic in the vein of Kentucky Route Zero." -Waypoint

"Like memory, everything has a sheen of fiction to it. - 29 showcases the magical in the everyday domestic drudgery." -The Guardian

"There is something, not an unease but an otherworldliness, that perpetuates the piece-a finely illustrated work that unfolds like a diorama." -Killscreen


Humble Grove

Humble Grove consists of game developers / illustrators Hana Lee and Tom Davison, who met at Camberwell College of Arts, London. Hana is based in Tokyo, Japan and Tom is based in London, UK. We aim to make our video games approachable for everyone, and we are only comfortable releasing projects that people who aren't well-versed in video games can also enjoy.

London, UK/Tokyo, Japan