Research and Destroy

Implausible Industries
PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Use the power of Science to send monsters packing in high-speed turn-based battles!
Wipe that supernatural smirk off the face of the Earth with global strategy!
Got any friends? Grab up to three of them and do it together!
Punch poltergeist, maim mummies, whip werewolves, and generally force Evil to have a sit down and reconsider everything it's done with its life.
Overwhelmed? Don't worry: this ain't rocket surgery, it's RESEARCH AND DESTROY!


Implausible Industries

Implausible Industries, a Tokyo-based studio, was formed in 2013 by four highly-experienced games developers from across the globe, after having worked together for a number of years at cult game studio Grasshopper Manufacture. Our team members have worked on many games of well-known franchises such as Driver, Fatal Frame, FIFA, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon, No More Heroes and Final Fantasy.

At Implausible Industries we aim to create unusual yet accessible console and PC game experiences. We are currently seeking funding in order to complete and release our first original title in 2018.

Tokyo, Japan