Play up to a maximum of 4 people 2D competitive Heart takeaway action game "Yomimiko"

GlobalGameJam 2016 at Okayama venue, brush up to continue developing a made a game in 48 hours!

Stolen to Hades in search of the "God of the Heart"!

Tsukuru'! Kowasu'! Competition Surutto!

Or earlier to get a "God's Heart" is of a sauce!

It is the player the ability of "Miko-chan" is three kinds!
1. Block make a scaffold and wall!
2. Break the adjacent blocks!
3. Throw a bomb to blow up the surrounding area!

Safely, if Mochikaere up to the ground, "God's Heart" winner!

Additional future items, additional rules, also planned solo play (?!)

Unity5 made up to four people play of 2D action game! "Yomimiko"
Development ongoing toward a 2016 release!

(C) StudioVOCS & TeamYOMI

About Okayama Unity Community

We will provide a forum for Unity of study and exchanges, want to support the people who want you want to use the direction and the future spear Mokumoku. Such a feeling was established from, also has been active with the aim of development of the generic game work in the world!