Wish Dragon+

Retro RPG with 80s taste
"WISH DRAGON + Wish Dragon Plus (tentative name)"

8Bit of graphics and sound, to the retro tick up to details such as production.
As it is nostalgic feel, the new system was also adopted, anyone has become to play easy to make.

In this work, freely available party consists of quirky 20 several kinds of player characters, including the collaboration character.

Since the increase your favorite status at the time of level up,
Not only the role of each character, a lot of equipment and skills acquired freely choose,
Possible to grow the party of their favorite!

In addition to after the end of combat, occasionally shuffle event occurs.
Gold and experience value or doubled, also a chance to get a rare item!

Use the producer VeLTiNA the few connections (?), Ruins exploration archeology action game "LA-MULANA2" and, guessing action RPG in the delivery in the 3DS · PS Vita "Fair Rune", "Yomimiko" "muscle big brother", " Himatsubu brave, "" JumpGun! "and many collaboration! (Scheduled for additional collaboration in the future)
This year, for release in the Steam, also are planned in English!


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