VR cycling

by Atsushi Obata

  • PC
"VR Cycling", a game that lets you enjoy virtual cycling using a real road bike!
This game was shortlisted for the VR Creative Awards 2016.

In response to user feedback from successful showings at OcuFes Osaka 2014[1] and
Niconico Choukaigi 2015[2], the game has been improved significantly - by popular
demand, now featuring cornering by weight-shifting, support for the latest
head-mounted displays, and a faithful reproduction of Japan's famed Suzuka Circuit.

In the interests of safety, please be advised:
- Visitors under the age of 13 cannot ride.
- A small amount of simulator sickness may present itself. Please refrain from
riding if feeling unwell.
- To avoid injury or damage to hardware, the developer reserves the right to
refuse riders or cut gameplay short at his discretion.

1: http://www.ocufes.jp/2014/07/858/
2: http://cyclist.sanspo.com/180815