Trouble Witches Origin – Episode1 Daughters of Amalgam –

◆That witches come back undergone a further power-up!

◆New character "Fuminoimiki Kozakura" is entered! Referred to as the secret weapon of the east of the country her ability and how!?

◆Creative and beautiful all six stages are all re-adjust based on the "Trouble Witches AC". New capture of the cavalcade, yet familiar.

◆1280 × 720 resolution. All the graphic re-adjustment.

◆The biggest feature "Magic Circle system" more easy-to-use adjustment. Exhilaration of alchemic the past the largest !

◆All stories by full voice is raised new writing. Of course, also in English subtitles corresponding!

◆It plans to add a large number of the "Challenge Mode" in DLC even after the main release. TW of the world are endless!

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