TonTon Pirates

by DrukHigh

  • iOS
  • Android
* Back Story
The Ton Ton pirates will do anything for money, good alcohol and hot women! This is about their bold and brave story about going for their enemies. For these pirates, cannons aren’t necessary! All they have to do is put their fellow pirates into the cannons and shoot them away. Take over the wide ocean with pirates that would do anything for shining gold!

* Introduction of game
This is a game where you make your own pirate crew and expand your land by taking over the enemy’s ship. If you shoot over a pirate using a cannon, you automatically begin the fight. You need to send it over at the right time in order to protect your ship through various items and to achieve victory. You also need to make your pirate ship safe in order to prepare for a different user attacking your ship. You need to collect legendary treasures and become an evil pirate group, sailing the endless ocean