The Gunner of Dragoon

by Hydrangea

  • PC
This is VR dragon riding shooter!
Why can we not ride a dragon? Because a dragon is not in this world!
So let's make a dive in the world where a dragon is alive!

- This demo powered by Hashilus inc for riding device.
- This game use the music which composed by Saori Kobayashi (a.k.a Panzer Dragoon Saga/Orta, and Crimson Dragon. Live in Bitsummit 2014)

About Hydrangea

Hydrangea is the solo developer brand who started activity in 2013.
It sold the game which supported both Oculus Rift and Leap Motion for the first time in the real world (not digital store).
It display VR game in many events of Japan and Oculus Connect 2015.