Terra Battle

by Mistwalker Corporation

  • iOS
  • Android
Mistwalker latest mobile RPG, Terra Battle.
Our story unfolds in a land spiraling toward its own destruction.
Of the races that occupy this doomed world, humans are the most prominent.
They are joined by both the Lizardfolk and Beastfolk.

Each race has its own tongue in which they speak of their mysterious Maker.
Neither able to confirm or deny its very existence,
the true nature of this Maker remains largely unknown.

The combined knowledge of this entity dwells deep within the earth.
Beings from across the land gather at the capital to embark
on a quest to discover more about their unknown progenitor.

During their travels, they uncover ancient myths
as they delve deeper and further to discover the truth.

The road ahead is boundless and deep.

Will they find the light or annihilation...

During BitSummit we will display Terra Battle and sell the official products below,
* Terra Battle T-shirt (Limited 300)
・Terra Battle figure (Samatha, Yukken)
・Terra Battle doll(Hiso Alien, Bakurou)
・Terra Battle rubber strap (Hiso Alien, Bakurou, Amina's Pappet)
・Terra Battle Novel
・CD [DAYBREAK] by Akiko Kawano (featuring Terra Battle main theme song)

About Mistwalker Corporation

We strive to create and produce the highest quality games,
including plot/script, system design, conceptual art and 3D graphics.
We hope you will enjoy our games and our heart warming message will reach you.