Project Nimbus

by GameTomo

  • PC
  • Mac
Project Nimbus is a high-speed mech action game that
takes place in a desolated world, where players control
armed humanoid battlesuits known as "Battleframes".
In this game, you are able to fly around freely in the sky
while dodging missiles or shooting missiles down with
your machine gun. The true pleasure of this game lies in
the fact that you can engage in combat with enemy squads
using various weapons and defeating large weapons,
as well as unique ace pilots.

About GameTomo

GameTomo is a Tokyo-based company with a rich background in
game development and a diverse mix of Japanese and foreign staff.
We create bonds of friendship between indie game developers
worldwide and Japanese gamers by localizing and publicizing
hit indie game titles from all around the world. To accomplish this,
we specifically target games we love and dedicate our energy to
marketing and supporting them with our technical knowledge
as well as our cultural and linguistic expertise.

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