Muscle big brother of zombie Matchless

by Okayama Unity Community

  • iOS
  • Android
Ruins of the tropical island is overflowing zombie!
In the trained muscles, but to expel the zombie!

[How To Play]
Turning on the left and right of the controller.
Adjust the speed before and after.
Mukaeute the zombies from the front!
Around poison when attacked from behind into a zombie!
Holly power triggered on the cross button!
A certain period of time is invincible, also disappear poison!
If you see a video ad obtained the Holly power.

[Game function of]
★ ranking support
★ Share function

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We will provide a forum for Unity of study and exchanges, want to support the people who want you want to use the direction and the future spear Mokumoku. Such a feeling was established from, also has been active with the aim of development of the generic game work in the world!