Mayonaka Garan


  • PC
A village filled with mystery. The arrival of a saint. Resignation and delight. A merging of the living and the dead.

Mayonaka Garan (Midnight Cathedral) is a VR Visual Novel and 3D Visual Novel. The world and story by CAVYHOUSE will immerse you in 360 degree environment.

The story starts in Daiusu-mura, a village where refugee Christians have been residing since olden days. Protagonist Hamomoru Tachibana has been invited by the villagers to visits this place. A long-desired hallowed cathedral has just been built and villagers are in a festive mood.

However, the village has a tragic history of persecution. They have shaped their own religion as a result of having kept hidden from the public. They seem to honor a foreign saint rather than God. When the saint appears, the border between the living and the dead will blur. A peaceful world will lose its balance.

In the game, you are a village guide. You lead Hamomoru and progress the story by solving the mysteries of miracles. In contrast to VR games where players interact directly with virtual objects, our game aims to make the player feel dropped into the story, without a need for such interaction. In the past, CAVYHOUSE has made story-driven games such as VN + Simulation and VN + Clicker, so the development of a VN + VR game is a new challenge.

We have simultaneously developed a 3D visual novel version that does not require VR devices, and which takes advantage of camerawork unavailable in VR games. Depending on the player's environment, either version may be selected.


A Doujin/Indie game developing team in Kyoto. We released two products on Steam, a celestial growth simulation game "This Starry Midnight We Make", and an organ-clicking game "Forget Me Not: My Organic Garden".