Irokata Origami (いろかたおりがみ)


  • Tabletop
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いろかたおりがみ (Irokata Origami) is a puzzle game that uses origami (Japanese folding paper).

You are given a sheet of four-colored grid paper, and from a deck of cards you draw a pattern card. This depicts a certain shape with color pattern and a number of folds allowed. You pass the test if you have made that shape and color pattern by folding the given paper that number of times.

This game is recommended for 6 year-old and older people. A test is intended to be solved in around five minutes.

The game is sold with a sheet of folding paper and pattern cards in one package. You can print and play the game free by downloading PDF file of folding paper and 45 pattern cards from the publisher's dedicated website shown in the Weblinks.

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