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Prepare for the bar to be raised on deep-space 2D dog-fighting! GALAK-Z is a modern, A.I. and physics-driven open-world action game, viewed through the lens of the classic 16-bit space shooter. Powered by the next-generation Cyntient AI platform, GALAK-Z puts players in control of anime-inspired spacecraft exploring procedurally generated worlds.


- Procedural-generation and real-time physics
- Advanced enemy A.I for intense dogfights
- Scripted missions, ‘rogue-lite’ structure
- Resource-based, progressive weapons system
- Inspired by 70s / 80s anime and arcade shooters
- New Arcade Mode is less brutal & saves player progress after each mission


- 2015 Personal Pick - PC Gamer
- 10 best PC games of 2015 - RedBull UK
- Honorable Mention, The Best Video Games of 2015 - The New Yorker
- Best PS4 Game - E3
- Best Action Game - E3
- Editors' Choice Award - US Gamer
- Best of E3 - E3

- Sprite Award - DICE Awards
- Best Original Game Best Original Game - IGN AU's Black Beta Select Awards
- Best PS4 Game of 2015 - Best of 2015
- Best PS4 Game - PS.Blog Game of the Year 2015 Awards

GALAK-Z is not only a love letter to 1980s arcade shooters and Japanese anime Sci-Fi. It’s also a true evolution of the 2D space-shooting genre. With hyper-responsive controls, deviously intelligent enemies, and strange, expansive worlds to navigate… it’s a modern, retro-styled blaster like you’ve never played before!


Not content with GALAK-Z having only amazing real-time physics and AI-powered space shooting… we’ve saved our biggest secret for last. So yeah… OF COURSE YOU CAN TRANSFORM YOUR SHIP INTO A KILLER, GIANT MECH FORM IN GALAK-Z! How could we leave that out? With the hit of a button A-Tak’s space fighter instantly transforms into a hulking space robot death machine complete with laser sword, shield and grappling hook!!!


GALAK-Z pays homage to the classic games that invaded dark arcades and home consoles in the 1980s and stellar coin-ops such as Asteroids, Gradius and R-Type, and titles like Solar Jetman on the NES.

But while rooted in classic tradition, GALAK-Z also combines the aesthetic punch of modern 2D games (like deep parallax and killer effects!) with the sophistication of 3D FPS—such as cutting-edge, enemy A.I. for deeper, more intense dog fights. Think of it as a classic shooter—on (a)steroids.

About 17-BIT

Boutique video game studio, specializing in classic, 2D gaming-inspired experiences with modern horsepower. Skulls of the Shogun & GALAK-Z!

We are a Kyoto & Seattle-based independent developer with a gift for revitalizing classic genres for next-generation gaming.

Like many of you, we love bonafide classics as well as shinier, more cutting-edge creations. So it’s no accident that 17-Bit titles are the descendants of classic 8-Bit and 16-Bit 2D games—all lovingly draped in the luxury of modern horsepower, cutting-edge AI, and intoxicating gameplay.

I founded 17-Bit (formerly Haunted Temple Studios) with a few friends in 2009 after stints at other studios such as Zombie, EA and for many years, Sega Japan (where I worked under Tetsuya Mizuguchi on the PS2 shooter Rez and the Space Channel 5 series). Since then, with 17-Bit, we’ve gathered accolades for our debut title, the turn-based tactics game Skulls of the Shogun—initially released on XBox Live Arcade and Steam, and listed in top 15 highest-rated iOS games!

Of course, GALAK-Z is our latest creation and we’re unashamedly excited to scribe this love letter to classic shooters—also paying our dutiful respect to late 70s /early 80s Japanese anime along the way.

Jake Kazdal

CEO, 17-Bit