DICETINY: The Lord of the Dice

by Fakedice

  • PC
  • Mac
Save the Middle Board from the evil sage Dead Serious in this Card-Collective Game and Board Game mash-up where puns and parodies collide in the fantasy role-playing game setting. Are you "dicetined" to become the hero?

- Story-based singleplayer RPG experience!
- Throw your dice and use your cards wisely!
- Summon minions and use spells!
- Awesome and hilarious characters!
- Collect cards and build your deck!
- Epic fantasy with comic touch and parodies!

About Fakedice

Fakedice is a game studio based in South Korea consisting of six free-spirited outsiders who love playing games, so much so that, sometimes, it's hard for them to focus on their main job, making games. Unlike other Korean developers, they've released all their games on Steam, a platform rather less popular in the land of Starcraft fanatics. They aim to make a game that's fun, unique, hilarious and commercially successful so that they can make their next title, and ultimately become the next big thing in the world of gaming, or Warcraft, whichever comes first.