by Stirfire Studios

  • PC
  • Mac
  • Linux
Shoot hacks at enemies to save a digital world. A cyberpunk-inspired platform game set in a beautiful world of lush tribal art

Debug is a platform shooter where your creativity is the true weapon – use enemies powers against them, hack yourself and restore the digital environment.
The player is a warrior in a tribal society, unknowingly part of a simulated computer science experiment. When one of the moderators notices a stream of corruption running through the system, he puts the simulation into debug mode and gives the player the Debug Gun to fix it from the inside.

About Stirfire Studios

Stirfire studios was founded in 2010 to bring together talented artists and programmers to produce unique games from a Western Australia perspective. Winner of the first WA Screen award for games for our first title "Freedom Fall", we have gone on to be the first WA game released via Steam's "Greenlight" programme, and we believe we are the first self-published WA game on the Steam platform. This product was released on iOS, Android, Ouya, Windows, Mac OS X and Amazon's FireTV.