Azure Striker GUNVOLT 2 / 蒼き雷霆ガンヴォルト 爪


  • Nintendo 3DS
Azure Striker GUNVOLT 2 is a 2D action/platforming game in the style of the Japanese classics of yesteryear. The great controls, crisp graphics, unique play mechanics, epic boss battles that you remember from the first installment are all here, along with a host of brand new features!

Key Gameplay Features:

•Obliterate foes with the power of lightning!
Tag enemies with your weapon, then shock them into oblivion with Gunvolt's lethal "Flashfield" technique! Advanced players can try for bonuses and higher scores by defeating two or more enemies at once.

•Gain power from Lumen's anthem!
Lumen, aka the Muse, has the power to revive Gunvolt if he falls in battle. And if you rack up enough Kudos by defeating enemies without taking damage, she'll sing for you during play, giving you an added boost!

•A powerful new enemy emerges!
Gunvolt's battle with the Sumeragi Group may be over, but a brand new enemy is looming in the shadows. Can Gunvolt put a stop to the nefarious plot of this new threat before it's too late?

Platform Exclusive Features:

•Gunvolt's rival Copen joins the fray!
In Azure Striker Gunvolt 2, Copen makes his debut as a playable character! Copen can dash through the air, slam into his enemies to lock onto them, then unleash a devastating homing shot! His high-flying control scheme is quite different from Gunvolt, so players will be able to enjoy the game in a whole new way!

•Copen can copy abilities from defeated bosses!
That's right! Just like he did in the first game, Copen can copy the abilities of defeated bosses and use them as his own! Now that players can take control of Copen himself, the limitless possibilities of utilizing these new powers are waiting to be discovered!

•Brand new songs from Lumen!
This virutal pop star has been plenty busy since the events of the first game! Rack up those kudos and listen to Lumen's hot new tracks!


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