1000m Zombie Escape!

by Oink Games

  • iOS
  • Android
"A city suddenly overrun by a zombie apocalypse! The rescue helicopter is only 1000m away! Probably!"

When Grace left the frat party, the streets were crawling with undead! The rescue helicopter is (probably) only 1000 meters away, but her legs are paralyzed with fear—she must waddle her way to freedom!

You've got to time her "elegant pirouettes" and guide her 1000m to safety. Do you have what it takes to master movement in this splay-legged world and bring the host of colorful characters to salvation?

About Oink Games

Mobile apps, board games or card games, Oink Games creates games regardless of its platform. Not only do we make games, but we also make short films, animations, and do graphic design. We are a small developer team of incredible individuals who respects the essential meaning of “designing” and get the best of it.