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X-Tactics takes place in a world, similar to our own, but one where top-secret government agencies and secret societies, maintain the peace and world order by manipulating the truth, news and many historical events.

X-Tactics ("Cross-Tactics"), is an episodic tactical RPG, that blends traditional turn based tactics fighting game combat mechanics for a fresh take on the genre. It is also unique in it's use of GPS and local weather conditions to affect tactics, skills, and also to unlock secret treasures, and side quests, as you delve into missions of urban exploration to protect your hometown.


GAMKIN, is an Indie studio formed by SEGA, Square-Enix & Capcom veterans, as well as talented young creators. We established at the end of 2013 to create new forms of entertainment by combining our game development expertise with new tech and other media.

Besides working on games, GAMKIN also works on interactive children’s television in Japan, and collaborating with local game schools and text publishers to help bring up a next generation of game developers.