peakvox GOCCO OF WAR

by peakvox

  • PC

Gocco Of War is a 3rd person comical, action and shooter game.

In this action shooter game you can control your own cute Looking character and fight against other various enemies.

The game will progress through various quests. Based on the quest you select, the level and the type of enemies you will fight will change. Quests like war game, sword game, hero game etc.

When you defeat a boss in the game, you will be able to collect materials to make a variety of different costumes. You will be able to add abilities in your costume and strengthen them. And change the style of your avatar. You can also acquire rare materials by doing lots of quest challenges.

You can play single player quests with bots and in multi-player mode you can play with up to 4 players. In online mode up to 30 people can gather in lobby. You can meet new quest buddies, chat and show off your costumes to each other.

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peakvox / 株式会社オーツー
peakvox とは、株式会社オーツーが立ち上げた、オリジナルレーベルです。大阪から世界に、オリジナルゲームを発信していく熱き集団です。


peakvox / O-Two inc.
What is Peakvox? Its a game publishing label estabilished by O-Two inc. Its an extremely passionate team based in Osaka, committed to the creation of original games that can be enjoyed world-wide.