Makai Picnic / まかいピクニック – Idle Puzzle Game

by Route24

  • iOS
  • Android

A Completely New Idle Puzzle Game for Smartphones
―But How Can You Make a Hundred of Friends Around the World
Just by Watching the Game?


Route24—Kenichi Nishi
Nishi joined the development team for Chrono Trigger and Super Mario RPG in Square (now Square Enix). After he left the company, he founded Love-de-Lic and released Moon: Remix RPG Adventure (PlayStation) and L. O. L.: Lack of Love (Dreamcast, jointly developed with the musician Ryuichi Sakamoto). Nishi founded Skip after having disbanded Love-de-Lic, and developed GiFTPiA (GameCube), Chibi-Robo! (GameCube), and LOL (NintendoDS). In 2006, he founded Route24 as an individual firm and has been working on many mobile projects, such as Newtonica (iOS) series.