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LA-MULANA series are Archaeological Exploration Adventure game. The comcept is pure evolution of 2D game by the latest technology.

Lumisa Kosugi is the protagonist and she is a doughter of Lemeza Kosugi who is the previous protagonist.
Lumisa explores the other side of LA-MULANA ruin, Eg-Lana that monsters are rampant.
Can Lumisa solve the mystery of Eg-Lana?

LA-MULANA 2 project launched with Kickstarter's fund, more than $260,000 from more than 5200 backers.
PC version will be released on PLAYSIM and STEAM.

We keep raising funds on PLAYISM. We would appreciate for your support!


NIGORO is Japanese indie game development studio that was established in 2007.
The theme of NIGORO games is "What if games had continued to evolve? but stayed in 2D?"


NIGORO は2007 年に設立した日本のゲーム開発スタジオです。
「ゲームが2D のまま進化していたらどうなっていたか」をテーマに、こだわりを持ったゲームづくりをしています。