by shoji hibino ( AstralGate )

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Genso is a project consisting of multiple projects that all expand upon 1 shared fictional world.

Each project will likely be a small puzzle game (in a form of an app, or perhaps a magazine etc.) and each can individually be played through to the end, but a certain part of it will always remain a mystery - These unsolvable aspects will be designed to come to make sense when considering it with the knowledge the player has gained through other Genso projects.

Between the projects there will be a "Cross-platform Myst-like" problem solving, and solving these will uncover mysteries about the game world which would otherwise have remained a mystery.

Genso is a game about connecting the dots across multiple projects that complement each other, making sense of a bigger game world in the process - by which I define the term "Open world" adventure game.

media listing
Dengeki Online (jp)

Game Spark (jp)