by Tengu Boys

  • iOS

Throw Darumas and beat the evils!

One day, Ninja Chikimaru and his partner Daruma, happen to see Mochiyama-kun who is about to be kidnapped by TEAM TENGU.

Chasing them, they reached Mondori town. The town is now under the control of TEAM TENGU.
What is the secret of Mondori and TEAM TENGU? Tough but funny journey of Ninja and Daruma is just started!

DARUMA SOUL is a casual slapstick "Daruma" shooting game for iOS. We hope everyone enjoys this game easily and casually.
This game is work in progress.

Tengu Boys

Tengu Boys are Japanese indie game dev team consisting of Zooboi and Guuten. We always long for interesting games and eager to develop such games for SNES!!

Here is the short story how was Tengu Boys created.

One day, Zooboi was enchanted by Tengu and quit the life as a salaryman, which triggers his tough adventure. He became an indie game developer from that time..!

On the other hand, Guuten hit upon the idea to develop the game while lying on the bed of a hospital.

Induced by some supernatural power, they know each other and develop games together in a team as Tengu Boys..

*Tengu is a Japanese supernatural being or god in Japan. He has long and big noses and truly grate!!