DropCity ~ Shimada System

by ゲーム菩薩グループ

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[Shimada system]
Shimada system is the runtime modeling system that can generate real city 3D models in the game based on the geographic information database called OpenStreetMap. Since the map data acquisition and model generation is executed when the game is played, there is no need to determine the area to be the stage in advance, and wherever on the earth can be the stage of the game as long as it is found in the map of the OSM.

The Drop city, using this Shimada system, is the game set in the real cities of the world and the object of the game is to rescue the drop city by collecting hidden objects.

Many people who have experienced this game says that they could have a highly immersive experience of diving into the sea of virtual space by wearing goggles of Oculus Rift.

This game, since not been released to the public, please play it on this occasion. Besides, please join us if you are interested in helping the development.

"Drop city -man on the moon."

Successive disasters that began with an accident caused by the runaway technology, finally resulted in a unprecedented situation where the whole earth became submerged under water.

Only surviving humans were the members of the artificial earth environment construction project on the moon called "Biosphere M".
They dispatched the diver troops, whose body had been modified to enhance the capabilities to the limit, to Earth in order to sustain the ecosystem in an artificial environment. A mission of divers was to look for "pieces of genes" that were scattered around the earth that had been submerged. Divers in the process of mission accomplishment, came to know that Earth submerged had been intended by someone.
And, at the same time, they noticed the absurd reason why they had been born, and started to become suspicious about the "Biosphere M". Divers, being guided by a mysterious signal, were going to dive more deeply to the deepest part of the Earth no one ever reached.